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Illustration of a typical setup for Brush Plating an O.D.
85 rusty contact studs cleaned and silver plated on-site at several locations for large utility over a 2 week period, saving them months of time replacing the studs as well as tens of thousands of dollars.
Welcome to the Brush Plating Specialists web page...

Owner and founder Gary Torgerson has been performing the highly specialized process of Brush Plating since 1987. He is a highly recognized expert in this industry. We offer solutions for all your brush plating needs including operator certification training classes, repair development consulting, job shop and on-site brush plating repair work.

The value we provide...

Brush Plating Specialists provides practical, cost-effective solutions for surface enhancement/repair of most metals. Our plating processes improve part performance and reduce manufacturing costs through corrosion protection, increased wear resistance, increased hardness, improved conductivity, anti-galling or slip, corrosion repair, and build up of worn surfaces. Our services have been utilized for over 20 years on both OEM components and parts requiring refurbishment.

What is Brush Plating...

Brush plating is used to repair & resize localized areas on engineered components as well as to enhance select areas on OEM components using electroplating principles. We provide both job shop and on-site brush plating, electropolishing, and anodizing services.

Our services and products meet most specifications...

Our plating services and solutions meet most commercial and government/DoD specifications including MIL-STD-865 and AMS 2451. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs @ or 760-751-9246.
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Re-sizing a 16inch diameter shaft  .016 with 54 Rc Nickel in approximately 4 hours plating time. Savings - 2 days time removing shaft, sleeving journal, then replacing shaft at a cost of over $10,000.
Commutator brush gold plated. Over 10,000 completed with no rejects or post plating cleanup! Prior method involved very messy tank plating process with hours of post-plating cleanup required and a 10 -15% rejection rate.
Having problems with your Brush plating process? We have been providing on-site training/consulting/certification at reasonable rates for over 20 years!
Damaged hard chrome hydraulic rod repaired to OE condition on-site saving days of down time and thousands of dollars!